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Description (011220)
The Idaho Disability Determinations Services (DDS) performs medical adjudication for disability claims processed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the citizens of Idaho.  The DDS is looking for psychiatrists and psychologists in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley areas to conduct consultative examinations for adults and children.  These examinations assist adjudicators in determining whether or not a claimant is disabled under SSA’s guidelines.  Examinations may include a mental status evaluation and possible IQ and cognitive testing. 

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Steve Beard or Laura Croft at 208.327.7333. 


Description (011220)
After 25 years in private practice, I have taken a contracting job with the US Air Force. Since I am no longer in private practice, I have several psychological assessments I would like to sell. These include the ADOS, NEPSY-II, WAIS-IV, WISC-IV, WMS-III, WPPSI-III, WRAT4, and RIAS. I am willing to let them all go for a very reasonable price.  

Paula M. Nordstrom, PhD, at 208.989.1686


Description (122420)
Treasure Valley Psychology is looking to add to our thriving group practice in Southeast Boise! Immediate space available to a licensed psychologist or postdoctoral student looking to start a private practice in a group setting. Our office is located on Parkcenter Blvd, right off of the Boise River. The position includes all technical equipment and office supplies, support staff covering full scheduling and billing services, in-house referrals, and in-house consultation/collegial relationships. Our office is equipped for both telehealth or in-person services. Please email resume if interested in exploring this opportunity further.

Rachel Root, PhD, at 208.344.2071


Description (122420)
Looking for a Licensed Psychologist to take over a private practice in Coeur d’ Alene. Work is in conjunction with a Psychiatrist and four Master’s Level Counselors, all of whom are independent practitioners. In this position, it is essential that the individual have a strong interest and background in assessment, as many referrals (approximately 30-40 %) are for cognitive ability and /or neuropsychological screening, in addition to “traditional” mental health evaluations. This is a “fly solo” practice where you are responsible for your own billing, scheduling and telephone work. There is a front office staff; however, they are employees of the psychiatrist and cannot be relied upon for assistance other than help with FAXing and processing mail. Office rent and shared office expenses usually run about $ 800.00/mo. It would be important to have a diversified and established battery of assessment tools; however, the current owner of this practice is moving into retirement and would be willing to sell (at a very reasonable cost…) testing supplies currently in use. The office is (approximately) 180 square feet in an older building {1103 West Ironwood Drive} with a large north facing window. The building is handicap accessible on the ground floor in an area that is primarily medical offices. There is a waiting room shared by all practitioners. At this time, the office is being used 3 days/week, so a new person could start out using it two days/week (Monday and Friday), transitioning into full-time occupancy starting in January.

Tim Rehnberg, PhD, at 208.651.6569  


Description (122420)
Position An evaluator at Lee Pesky Learning Center helps to assess students who learn differently. The evaluator works with the Lead Evaluator to plan and carry out comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations. The evaluator is responsible for administering tests of information processing, academic skills, and self-regulation; scoring and interpreting the findings; writing reports; communicating with students, parents, and school personnel; and maintaining computer skills necessary to complete Center tasks. Ideal candidates are flexible and willing to learn and adhere to the framework in which the Center conducts evaluations. Minimum Qualifications • Doctorate in clinical or school psychology (post-internship preferred) • Licensed or license-eligible in Idaho • Training/experience in administering psychological and educational tests • Experience working in an educational or clinical setting Essential Attributes · Believe in our mission and work tirelessly to help accomplish it · Organized, and detail-oriented · Self-determined, self-aware, strategic, and resilient · Flexible team player.

Organizational Mission, Vision, and Strategic Commitments

One in 5 people experience learning and attention challenges that limit their school success. For over twenty years Lee Pesky Learning Center has worked together with students, families, schools, and communities to understand and overcome obstacles to learning. Our vision is to create a pathway to learning for everyone. We have positioned ourselves to positively impact learners throughout the country. As a national research, training, and service center, we are committed to the following strategic goals:

  1. Create a pathway to learning for everyone
  2. Advance research in the field of learning disabilities
  3. Train the next generation of practitioners
  4. Forge and nurture strong partnerships

MScott@LPLearningCenter.org or call 208.577.1103


Description (113020)
Psychological Assessment Specialists (PAS) is seeking a highly qualified psychologist, neuropsychologist, and/or counselor to provide services in southeastern Idaho. We are bursting at the seams with long wait lists; a qualified provider can expect to be busy. The practice has been in Pocatello for 30 years and has a very strong referral base.

Independent contractor positions with competitive compensation. All support services provided with two full time support staff, billing specialist, and transcriptionist for psychological/neuropsychological reports. Great clinical support with weekly consultation meetings. Provider must have valid Idaho clinical license (PhD, LCSW, LCPC).

Visit psychologicalassessmentspecialists.com for additional information regarding the clinic.

John Christensen, PhD, at 208.233.0150


Description (113020)
North End Wellness, a small group practice, is looking to add a new element of healing to the Boise area. I am open to hiring licensed or soon to be licensed therapists that are intelligent and self-motivated. My vision is to hire clinicians who are willing to get trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Since training in RRT, my clinical skills, therapeutic outcomes, and job enjoyment have become substantially better. RRT has been inspiring to me on many levels and I want to help others learn and apply it. I am looking to hire one or more clinicians who resonate with RRT, who would be invested in developing expertise in it, and willing to have RRT be one of the main modalities they use. I will pay for the trainings and will also provide consultation, supervision, and continued training.

I am looking for people who are inspired by modern 21st Century ways healing and growth. North End Wellness pays well, is a healthy work environment and current employees report high job satisfaction. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the position and/or RRT. Payment is made on a 55-45 split (55% to you and 45% to NEW). Most group counseling centers do a 60-40 split with the person being 1099 (independent contractor) where the person pays the 15% employment tax (resulting in 45% of gross income). With NEW, you are considered a W-2 employee which means that NEW pays the 15% tax resulting in 55% of gross income. This is results in 18% more income than you would typically receive with other agencies. For example, if a session grossed $150 you would get $83 dollars as opposed to $68 (or less). Email me or visit my website at www.davidcummins.net

David Cummins, PhD, at 208.949.6765

Sept 18th Zoom Workshop:  PARENTAL ALIENATION,

Description (113020)
Dr. Michael Bütz has created a new way, a new concept, for identifying and understanding the challenging phenomena of Parental Alienation. In his recent book with Routledge Publishers, Parental Alienation and Factitious Disorder by Proxy Beyond DSM-5: Interrelated Multidimensional Disorders; he has advanced a new diagnostic category to describe complex pathological phenomena by integrating individual characteristics and symptoms, family and other system dynamics under one diagnosis – Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses.

The workshop examines why current diagnostic categories within the DSM-5 have proven inadequate and provides the basic framework for this new diagnostic conceptualization. A conceptualization that has been designed to better capture the complexities of Parental Alienation. Expanding on his recent original article with F. Barton Evans, Ph.D. in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, he provides a more encompassing view for such challenging phenomena. This perspective accounts for the phenomena’s historical descriptions such as Alignment, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and Alienated Children; describes the diagnostic concept of Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses; and specifically addresses Parental Alienation in detail. Dr. Bütz will also expound on a new approach to the phenomena, how to identify it, and describe his proposal for a new two-stage diagnostic process.

NOTE: This is an introductory course, and a more advanced workshop is planned in the future. Michael R. Bütz, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in Montana who divides work between forensics at Aspen Practice, P.C. and clinical and neuropsychology at St. Vincent Healthcare. A fellow of the American Psychological Association, he has received several awards from APA’s Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs Division (31), held leadership in Montana’s association, and worked with IPA in the late ‘90s. Dr. Bütz has published a number of articles in APA’s Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and was best known for his articles and books on nonlinear dynamics.

Register at: www.imdregistration.org 

Genevieve Kulaski, CMP Planner II, Virtual Events Meetings Northwest, Inc, at 406.273.7224

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