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Committee leaders:

India King, PsyD, Co-Chair

J. Audie Black, PhD, ABN, Co-Chair

IPA Board Liaison:
Anne Stegenga, PsyD

Our goals:

IPA’s continuing education activities are intended to provide quality programs that:

  • allow psychologists to maintain, develop & increase competencies in order to improve services to the public and enhance contributions to the profession (e.g., ACT in treatment of compulsive disorders session at Convention 2019 & Autism conference scheduled for Feb 2020);
  • enable psychologists to keep pace with current scientific evidence regarding assessment, prevention, intervention and/or education methods (e.g., Vineland-3 presentation at Autism conference scheduled for Feb 2020 and bipolar assessment & outcomes workshop in Nov 2019);
  • aid psychologists in appreciating current research on diversity-related topics and being committed to a multi-culturally-competent approach to their work (e.g., workshop on culturally-competent couples & family therapy at Convention 2017 and workshop on caring for transgender patients scheduled for Convention 2020);
  • assist psychologists in staying abreast of changes in the field of psychological science and in enhancing interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration and practice (e.g., integrated care sessions at Convention 2018 and the Mini-BAND conference in Nov 2019); and to
  • inform psychologists on legal, regulatory, ethical and professional issues (e.g., Sept 2019 HIPAA webinar and presentations by IPA’s ethics committee and/or Idaho’s Board of Psychologist Examiners at multiple IPA Conventions).


Will IPA approve our event for CE credit?

Info on co-sponsoring events with IPA

CE Committee reference materials:

APA Office of CE Sponsor Approval website

APA SAS Policies & Procedures Manual

APA SAS Standards & Criteria

APA Guidance for Writing Behavioral learning Objectives

IPA Worksheet to Evaluate New CE Events

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