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Membership Committee Update

April 03, 2019 10:00 AM | Kendra Westerhaus

IPA's Membership Committee has grown to include 4 active members.  These members regularly review applications received for membership and participate in monthly committee meetings over the phone.

The Committee has implemented several programs in an attempt to increase and retain members.  Included in the last mailing for new members was a list of the benefits of membership and the offer of an incentive for joining IPA.

Among the benefits of membership is a mentorship program for new members.  We are still in need of mentors!  Please contact Deb or Kendra if you are interested in serving as a mentor to new IPA members.

We will also be highlighting certain members in a "Member Spotlight" position on the website.  We will be starting with IPA members who are fellows -- members who have dedicated service to IPA and/or APA for at least five years.  If you fit this category, please apply for fellow status when you renew your membership!

A brand new initiative of the committee is recognition and appreciation of referrals for membership.  If you are a current IPA member and you recruit a new member, you will receive a token of our gratitude!


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