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Advocacy Committee Update

April 29, 2019 3:17 PM | Lyn McArthur

IPA’s Advocacy committee has been busy in recent months. We followed several topics of interest through the legislative session. The advocacy committee’s priority is to follow and address practice issues related to psychologists. This is what IPA’s lobbyist, Kris Ellis, helps us to do. Some of you have wondered about social issues related to the field of psychology. The advocacy committee can consider taking action on these types of items, but we receive no help in following the relevant issues and must do so on additional volunteer time. If you haven’t taken a moment yet to familiarize yourself with our advocacy issue request form, please do so! Here’s the link: . Please send us any topics that you view as important to psychologists and/or related social issues, and we will consider the issue and if we have the resources to address it. If you choose to submit an issue, just remember that we may need your help implementing a plan to address it. As of today, we have received two request forms. Both issues raised are long-term issues and are working to be addressed.

The Advocacy committee has also been working on RxP. Page Haviland continues to work towards starting the ISU Psychopharmacology program. Sue Farber has played a major role this year in implementing the rules. Due to a hold on the signing of all rules, not just ours, during the legislative session, the RxP rules are tentatively in place. The committee has also been working on making sure that prescribing psychologists will be able to become credentialed and thus able to bill with Idaho insurers.

Please let me know if you are interested in serving on our committee! The more volunteers we have, the more issues we can address.

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